editorial da terra do nunca
Booklet [2022] Personal project created for Felipe Góes Editorial Workshop
Original illustrations from  F. D. Bedford, [2008], took from The Project Gutenberg Ebook of Peter and Wendy, by James Matthew Barrie
In April and May 2022, in a workshop with the Brazilian designer Felipe Góes, I developed a dual editorial project, as a workshop exercise in order to arrive at a simple editorial product that has duality between an antagonist and a protagonist.
Peter Pan e Gancho são personagens clássico do imaginário da literatura infantil, além de rivais dentro de uma trama fantástica, Pan e Capitão são parte de um universo mágico, cheio de mistérios e tramas que vão muito além de um universo infantil. Inspirado pela fantasia e suspense da trama, foram pensados dois projetos gráficos, o do Peter Pan sendo livre de amarras técnicas do Design, sendo livre para voar, como o próprio personagem age, em paralelo com o editorial do Capitão Gancho, que segue uma linha editorial clássica, cheia de regras e espaçamentos que preenchem os tradicionais cânones do Design, gerando como produto dois projetos que se conversam não em semelhanças, mas em suas diferenças.
Peter Pan and Hook are classic characters from the imagination of children's literature, as well as rivals within a fantastic plot, Pan and Captain are part of a magical universe, full of mysteries and plots that go far beyond a children's universe. Inspired by the fantasy and suspense of the plot, two graphic projects were conceived, that of Peter Pan being free from the technical constraints of Design, being free to fly his own age, in parallel with the editorial of Captain Hook, which character an editorial line , full of rules and spacing that fill the traditional canons of Design, generating as a product two that talk not in similar projects, but in their differences.


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