My name is João Costa, 22, born and raised in Natal / RN ☀, and I was always driven by the desire to create solutions to problems of the most diverse natures, and I discovered, even very young, that Design and Communication could guide me. In my professional experience, I have always believed that all problems are born with their solutions, and, as a designer and art director, I'm able to, with a team, guide a task to its best resolution, using the best tools and delivering great results.
I am interested in working with independent editorial projects, packaging projects, construction of corporate and personal visual identities, creation and co-creation for advertising campaigns and experimental design projects that make us explore new directions and results.
Geology Technician  | IFRN |  2014 - 2017
Graphic Design Degree | UnP | 2018 - 2019
Advertisng & Marketing Degree | UFRN | 2018 - Now

Jr. Designer at 1516 GDM | Natal/BR | Feb/2018 - Apr/2019 | 
Jr. Art Director at RAF Comunicação e Marketing | Natal/BR | Apr/2020 - Sep/2019
Designer at Fullback Design | Natal/BR  | Jul/2020 - Jul/2021
Art Director at Bonaparte | Porto Alegre/BR | Jul/2021-Now
Designer at Estúdio Mola | Recife/PE | Sep/2021-Now
Freelancer Designer | 2017 - Now
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