cchla 50 anos
Visual Identity & Verbal Concept [2023]
The CCHLA, center of Human Science, Language and Arts of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, celebrates 50 years of activity in 2023 and for that reason designs its commemorative brand in order to be used throughout the whole year national and international events and participations.
A data comemorativa do centro merecia um símbolo icônico e distintivo, capaz de marcar na sua história como um elemento gráfico que conte sobre sua essência e trajetória. a partir disso, uma marca viva, que observa, assiste e conversa, que constrói diálogos a partir de olhares atentos ao mundo.

The center's commemorative date deserved an iconic and distinctive symbol, capable of marking its history as a graphic element that tells about its essence and trajectory. from that, a living brand, which observes, watches and talks, which builds dialogues from attentive looks at the world.


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